June 7-16 a group of 17 people from North Point Community Church partnered with the 410 Bridge to go and serve in Ngaamba Central.  While the main focus of every trip is always to prioritize the relationships that are made as a result of this experience, the team did have the task of working on the new medical clinic that was funded through North Point’s Be Rich Campaign last fall. (http://howtoberich.org/funded)



On Sunday the team was divided into groups and experienced a traditional Kenyan service- all 3 hours of it! Some of the team had the opportunity to speak and even give sermons while others danced and sang along with the congregation. It was an incredible experience for everyone!


At one particular church the team members there were honored with a special treat. Peter of the African Brotherhood Church encouraged the entire congregation to give the team their own African names. Kelly and Nicole Putre (pictured below) were given the names of Mucali “stay with us” and Kanini “little one”.


Many of the team members expressed that their favorite part of the entire week were the home visits. One morning the team was divided among different homes in the community and got to experience a “day in the life of a Kenyan.” Several of the groups picked beans or corns in the fields, cleaned, cooked, and even gathered water.


These teammates were given the task of carrying water from the nearby watering hole back to the home. While these jugs may look light this was definitely a “defining” moment that gave several people newfound appreciation for the amenities back home as well as an added respect for the people of Ngaamba and how hard they work each and every day.


What mission trip wouldn’t be complete without some singing and dancing with the kids! These four teammates had the opportunity to jump in and sing along with the children of Ngaamba Primary School.









Completion of the clinic is scheduled for early fall and everyone couldn’t be more excited! Please continue to pray for the people of Ngaamba (especially Ngaamba Central) as their lives are impacted in such an incredible way!