You may have heard about Journey internship…

And you may have heard about how God is transforming lives through the 10 week summer experience
And you also may have heard that American college students and Kenyans alike are choosing to live a life of eternal investment

But… did you know that there is Journey Internship in the Fall 2012 too?!!
Journey Internship is a global discipleship experience that is designed for college age students who have a passion to life as a sacrifice to God and serve Him in Kenya.
Since God isn’t just on summer break, neither are we! He has given us hearts for college age students to know their true identity in Christ and live in the freedom of a completely surrendered life for His glory. That passion is so strong that we couldn’t provide the experience just once a year.

Journey is now accepting applications for the Fall 2012 internship!
If you, or anyone else you know would be interested in this experience, please visit to see more information and apply!