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By partnering with one another, one community at a time, an entire nation begins to be transformed by the work of God

Walking With A Community

Listen to our friend Diana from one of our first partner churches and their experience walking with a community to Graduation

Some of our Partners

Community Partnership

Community development is a journey. Through The 410 Bridge, the church has a unique opportunity to walk alongside a community on their journey of development. Churches, schools, corporations, and families can become Community Partners by adopting a community based on the unique gifts and needs of a partner and the community. This partnership is central to The 410 Bridge model. It provides an accessible way to go and serve, not just once, but by building a lifelong relationship with the people in that community . When a church or organization commits and repeatedly focuses its time and resources on a community… Travels there to know the people… Works with, not for, the community… Shares the love of Christ and helps the people meet their own needs… It is no longer just a mission; it’s a relationship. Our desire is to help the Church in the West to build deep and lasting relationships where sustainable transformation and life change can be seen and felt.

Strategic Service Partner

The 410 Bridge model of holistic community-initiated development requires that we address many areas of need within a community. We do not consider ourselves an expert in every aspect of community development, so we believe in finding strategic partners. There are many charities, NGO’s, and para-church organizations that do excellent work in specific facets of community development. We invite these organizations to consider becoming a Strategic Service Partner, integrating their excellent work in a 410 Bridge community. An ideal Strategic Service Partner is an expert in their field, but most importantly, is willing to work with, not for, a community by adopting the community-intiatied philosophy of The 410 Bridge. We work with Strategic Service Partners in the areas of water, sanitation, micro-enterprise, health & wellness, education and discipleship programs. While The 410 Bridge leads and oversees the initiatives, our relationship is a true partnership, leveraging our gifts to serve.

Corporate Partners

The 410 Bridge is excited to partner with the business community as we serve our communities. The 410 Bridge model of community-initiated development provides a unique, and freshly innovative opportunity for businesses to use their resources and the gifts of their employees to make a dramatic impact in the world. Our corporate partners share our goal of sustainable, community-initiated development in some of the poorest communities in the world. From team building opportunities, to corporate philanthropy, The 410 Bridge is an excellent outlet for small and large businesses to focus and go deep in a particular place to make a lasting change. If you are a leader of an enterprise that is looking to challenge your people to give back… To be part of something much bigger than themselves… To develop as a team in environments that will challenge their worldview… we’d love to hear from you.

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What Our Partners Are Saying:

“What I love about our partnership with The 410 Bridge is that they genuinely care about making an impact in the local church on both sides of the bridge. Their partnership with our church has equipped us to develop new ministries and stretch our people in ways we had never thought of before. Their strategy makes sense, and it is working!

– First Bossier, LA
(attendance: 3,000)

“Over the years we’ve vetted many, many organizations that “say” they do sustainable, community-initiated development. The 410 Bridge is the only organization that we’ve found that actually has the discipline to do it right. Amazing.”

– Large International Christian Foundation

“Sustainability, holistic development, and creating independence verses dependence: these are words that are commonly used these days by many organizations, but most fail to live up to these standards. globalX has found The 410 Bridge to be one of those rare organizations that has the right plan to make a lasting difference in the developing world. They have been a true joy to work with. ”

– Billy Nolan, globalX
North Point Community Church
(attendance: 30,000)

“We’ve been partnering with The 410 Bridge since they were founded. We love their model of ministry and all they are doing to strengthen the global church.”

– Paul McGuinness,
Parker Hill Community Church, PA
(attendance: 2,000)

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others”

-1st Peter 4:10a
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