Our New Year’s Resolution… Keeping You Updated!

God continues to do amazing things through the churches and individuals who partner with The 410 Bridge. God is using His people and His Church to transform entire communities in Kenya and Haiti. As we continue to grow in Kenya, Haiti, and through our U.S. partners, the ability to effectively communicate all that is happening has proven to be a real challenge.

We know that there are literally thousands of people who are relationally, financially, and emotionally vested in a 410 Bridge community. We also know that these people desire to stay connected to that community, to pray for that community, and to continue to walk alongside that community as they grow. We often struggle to get updates, stories, and information from our communities and out to our partners in a timely manner.

So… here’s our New Year’s resolution:

In January we will begin to host quarterly update meetings for each of our communities. This will give anyone who is interested in knowing what is going on in a specific 410 Bridge community an opportunity to call in and hear prayer requests, project updates, community news, etc. Take a look at the conference call schedule below and mark your calendar. We look forward to better connecting you with what God is doing in and through The 410 Bridge.

Dial the Conference Call Number (1-312-340-6650) for the corresponding date and community. Note: Jan 18th’s Call Number is  1-940-287-4000. Once you call in, follow the promptings to enter the access code ( 3227452 ). You will then be connected to the conference call with all the other participants. You can listen as the organizer gives updates on the 410 Communities. There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions near the end of the call. Each call will last anywhere from 10 – 30 minutes. You can dial in or disconnect, as you need.

We look forward to talking to you soon!

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