Sometimes, there are eloquent ways to say things that bring more meaning to a moment. Then, at times, the simplest way is the best. We thought you’d like to hear from the community itself about the great importance of the Kandaria Clinic opening. We are just thankful to be a part of all that God is doing in Kenya and Haiti!

The day was just one of is own kind, so big than I did not expect, attended heads of departments from the district headed by the area member of parliament, the district commissioner Nyakach, the District Medical Officer of Health who was the chief guest for the day,the public health office and members of the public, we actually had more than 500 people attending this occasion.

So so important speeches from the local community both members and the local leaders just praising God for this miracle,thanking the 410 bridge and our US partner churches in the effort they done in terms of pulling resources to make sure that this cherished project was done, thanking all the community members for their positive participation in the project.
The chief guest is the DMOH said that he had assigned one nurse temporarily to giveĀ  technical support to this farcility and will continue supporting where nessesary, other servises that he instructed his officers to start in here included programs like outreaches for vaccination and HIV/AIDS programms, the MP brought with him two packs of drugs to be used in the first few days when the community will be doing the first free services, work closely with facility giving support whenever called upon he echoed that he wishes every community of nyakach could be organized like this people of Kandaria.