We recently received this report from Cate, our Kenya education subject matter expert. She oversees the education programs in all of our communities. This was an inspiring story we just had to share…

“Dennis Kinyili finally admitted to Secondary School”

“Dennis is one of the recent additions to Ngaamba Secondary School for Form One (9th grade). He had not previously joined form one because his mother, who is single and sick, could not afford the requirements. When we communicated that 410 would pay his school fees, the community– led by the Leadership Council– and well aware that the mother cannot act, raised some 6,000kshs (approx $75 USD) for his shopping.

Thursday 23rd May 2013 will remain a day in the memories of Dennis Kinyili as it was the day he enrolled to high school for the first time. The journey started at their home on Thursday morning and by the end of the day; the boy was admitted at Mbiini secondary school.”

Dennis' House

“Dennis had only a pair of shoes and a bible (the ones 410 distributed to schools last year) in his bag. The rest of the shopping was done enroute.

School supplies purchased by the community for Dennis as they walked to high schools

“At Kasikeu Boys High School, the principal  was very helpful. However; he  confirmed that the only vacancy which was remaining for form ones was filled a day before.  He went an extra mile  and put in a good word for Dennis to the principal at Mbiini High school, who accepted him on the spot.  He confirmed the availability of a vacancy for the boy and his willingness to admit Dennis.

“Dennis headed to the dormitory happy for the efforts done by everyone and he really appreciated the whole journey. He has a friend from Primary School who is in Form Three now and a cousin who also attend Mbiini, and they promised to help where necessary. He promised to work hard and achieve his goals to help many who have similar challenges. Wish him all the best in his endeavors.”