A few weeks ago I spoke at Ole Miss University to a gathering of college students from the Wesley Foundation. These students were AWESOME!! They are fired up for the Lord and are finding grand adventures on their hearts. It is my prayer that our conversations together possibly gave them one more nudge to DIVE IN!!

These students energized me with their questions and their hearts for a population of people/culture they know very little about. The students also raised money for lights for deaf families in Haiti. This group spoke to me in a powerful way when I noticed that the envelope of money was a massive stack of single dollar bills, change, and essentially, everything these college students had available.

I was reminded of the scripture that discusses people giving out of their poverty to bless others. It was evident to me that every student in that room simply emptied pockets, purses, and backpacks in order to support our work with the deaf in Haiti. WOW!!! Once again, my heartfelt thanks goes out to them for their passion.

Kyle Reschke – 410 Bridge Haiti