Recently, NorthPoint Church sent the first-ever all men’s team to Ngaamba. This is the first time that 410 Bridge has been able to facilitate an all-men’s ministry in any of our communities. The results were AMAZING and we rejoice in all that God did.

Starting today, we are going to share a 4- part reflection on their time in Kenya. It was all just too good to sum up, so we’ve pulled excerpts from their team blog to share with you the impact of relationships and how Relationships can change a person’s view of the world and themselves… Enjoy!

Oct 23-
“After church service, our guys spent about 3 hours talking and visiting with the 12-15 men that came out to meet them. They taught them the basics of American baseball with the ever popular “wiffle ball” approach. The men of Ngaamba LOVED IT! They had never played anything like it before. The game went on for at least an hour and right up to the time that the team had to leave for the hotel. It was a big hit. It went so well that even Abraham, our team’s in country guide, said that he had never seen the men of the community interact with each other this way before. But really, is it such a surprise that God could use baseball to bring people together? No word yet on when the churches of Ngaamba will begin their own softball league or if it will be slow or fast pitch, but no doubt we will hear of it soon.”