Going into the homes of a few villagers is really what opened my eyes to reality. I saw what true poverty looks like, but even more, what true contentment looks like. One woman whose home we visited, that I also grew very close to, was Eunice. The first time I met Eunice we crammed into her small one-room hut filled with smoke to make tea in a pot of boiling water over a small fire, I looked up and saw the most beautiful smile come across her face, straight from her heart. We visited for the next hour, learning from each other and sharing laughter. I could sense her deep joy and love for her Savior. Here was a woman who had absolutely nothing in this material world, yet she is the richest person I have ever had the privilege of meeting. I will never forget her.

Our team also had the privilege of meeting John, a coffee bean planter. He works hard day after day on his crops, not knowing if he’ll even profit at the end of the year because the coffee business is controlled by the government. On top of that, he takes care of his wife who suffered from a stroke and was left paralyzed. The team gave him sugar, flour, and soap and he was so thankful for what most of us would consider trivial items. He wanted a picture with each person handing him his “Christmas gifts”.