We have been so encouraged by the growth and leadership of the young men on the Journey Team this year. We have asked them to share some of their insights and lessons from God as they’ve traveled with the Journey team in Kenya.  If you are interested in becoming one of the “men of Journey” next year, please be sure to check out www.choosetoinvest.org!

Today’s lessons are from Josh, Blake and Will…


from left to right: Will, Blake and Josh

Josh Bridwell

Hello everybody! Journey has been an absolute blast! This is my first time in Kenya and being here for two months has been a little bit intimidating,  but I know that because of Christ, I have been able to do this.  It has been a little exhausting at times but completely worth every single bit of sacrifice.  The children of Kenya have been very impactful in my life.  Everybody says that when you go to Kenya that you would impact the kids, but the people would absolutely impact your life.  This statement has been completely true.  The people have such a heart for changing their communities for Christ, no matter what their age is, or what the sacrifice may be.  I think overall that God has just been teaching me to listen to Him in every situation.  Rely on him at all times, and I know that He can give me the strength to get through anything.  Journey is truly changing my life, and I look forward to what God is going to do in the next month through Journey.


Blake McFadden

Habari Zenu! Journey has been an amazing experience. It is a lengthy trip that has been both exciting and challenging. This is not my first trip to Kenya, but I have never experienced Kenya like this and have I never seen God in Kenya like this before. Everywhere I go, I am reminded of Ezekiel 47. All summer I have been reading over Ezekiel 47. Ezekiel is being shown a vision of Israel being rebuilt. When he gets to the Temple, he is shown a river that flows directly from the temple. This river flows until it runs into the Dead Sea where it turns the salty water fresh and life abounds there, God bringing life. The man showing Ezekiel all this randomly just stops before he finishes showing Ezekiel the river and says “Son of Man, do you see this?” (verse 6, for those of you who are interested!). Well duh, he is standing in it, how could he not!!! I think that God is doing the same thing to me on this Journey. We are submerged in Kenya, in God’s work, and God’s people. His hand is so visible here in everything and it’s so obvious, but God is stopping me and saying, I know you are seeing it… but do you really? Do you actually see what I am doing? How I’m working in these people? God is constantly forcing me to be aware of him moving and working. God is using it as a challenge not just to me here in Kenya, but when I return to school to see and know God’s hand in everything. At this point in our Journey we just crossed the half way mark, with one more month to go. I can’t wait to see the communities coming to life in Christ.


Will Rudisill

It’s a typical Nairobi night during Journey.  The men are gathered in a small bedroom.  The question is asked.  “What word describes your summer so far?”  My answer is immediately clear . . . Obedience!!  Everything I’ve learned this summer ties back to obedience to the Holy Spirit!!  The Lord constantly reminds me to “Trust the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths” Proverbs 3:5-6.  Obedience is allowing the Holy Spirit to lead every step of everyday.  Obedience is often difficult.  It requires being silent and being still.  Hearing from the Holy Spirit requires that you bring the noise level from your life below the whisper of God.  2 Cor. 6:4-10 says that we must be willing to endure great challenges while finding comfort in only the Holy Spirit.  We can’t be scared to acknowledge that we’ve heard from the Spirit of the Living God.  Satan always tempts us to discount God’s sometimes vague whisper.  God just wants us to step out of the boat and walk with Him on the water.  I think the image of constant obedience is an empty boat.  Jesus is walking on the water, and I’ve left the boat to go meet Him.