We really believe in partnership!  Our organization was founded on the idea that God has given each of us gifts and that we are to use those gifts to serve others, and in doing so we are administering God’s grace. (1 Peter 4:10)  We realize that God has given us gifts and a calling as an organization.  We also realize that the calling God has given us is much bigger than we could pull off on our own (which is a really good thing!). We know that we need Him and we need others to use their gifts to help us fulfill our calling while they fulfill theirs (Partnership).  We are not experts in education, health care, water… etc., so we want to partner with people who are.  One of those partners is BrightPoint for Children. BrightPoint is a child sponsorship organization that is working to remove the barriers students have in receiving a quality education.  They are really good at doing what they do, so we are excited about our partnership with them.  Through our partnership, we are impacting nearly 4,000 students in 410 Bridge Communities.

Phoebe Maina is the Program Manager for BrightPoint for Children in Kenya.  She works very closely with our 410 bridge staff to ensure that students in our communities have access to a quality education.  She works so closely with our team in Kenya, that we really see her as part of our team.