This summer, 410 had an amazing intern, Cody Cantrell, who ran the 410 experience at BigStuf camp and helped send thousands of Bibles from the students at camp to children in Kenya.  We asked him to share a quick thought on his summer.  Stay tuned for tomorrow to hear the final count of Bibles sent to Kenya!

This summer has been the most grace filled and humbling experience of my life. To wake up every day knowing without a doubt I was exactly where God wanted me to be was such a joy that I won’t forget. Even more importantly than that, I know that I was an instrumental piece of a process in which thousands of kids across the ocean would receive God’s word, many of whom had never received it before. To know that thousands of lives in Kenya will now be brought into the kingdom of love because of the work we all did is an incredible comfort and joy to my life that I will take right to heaven with me.

The most important thing I got out of this summer is that my relationship with Christ has reached new depths of intimacy that I did not know before. My faith has been strengthened tremendously by the very fact that I will be able to look back on this occasion and remember that God is gracious, God is loving, and that God is always willing to use people’s brokenness to bring about the change He desires. So now I will begin to pray for patience until next he needs me to serve again. Helping others get back home is my purpose now. – Cody