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Send A Child To Secondary School In Karogoto

Sponsorship changes lives . . . on both sides of the bridge!


Students, families, and entire schools in the communities of Karogoto, Tumutumu, and Jeanton are growing stronger and healthier because of the sponsoring relationship cultivated through LCBC and The 410 Bridge. At the same time, the individuals and families here in the U.S. who participate in this sponsorship program have deepened their compassion, vision, and global impact.


We encourage you to join us…
change an entire community by intentionally investing in the life of one child through sponsorship!

I love the life-on-life connection that child sponsorship offers. In fact, right now as I’m writing this, my son Jackson (8 years old) is upstairs writing to Lameck, a 10-year old Kenyan student that our family sponsors. Just a couple months ago, Jackson was able to join me on a trip to Karogoto, where Lameck lives. We arrived on Saturday. On Sunday evening as Jackson and I were getting ready for bed he said to me, “Dad, it’s so weird. Lameck and I just met yesterday and we’re already best friends!” That kind of connection and global vision is well worth the monthly sponsorship payment. And that doesn’t even touch on the benefits that Lameck, his family, his school and his community are receiving from our small on-going contribution. Student sponsorship truly does change lives, lots of them! – Paul McGuinness (Pictured: Paul’s son, Jackson, and their sponsored child, Lameck.)

I am a sponsor for a child in Karogoto. I chose her because she is the same age as my daughter, 16. While our family has been richly blessed to afford parochial schooling for our kids, it is a pleasure to help someone else that values education as a privilege, something I am afraid we take for granted. We have sponsored this child for almost 3 years now. I receive letters from time to time and can see her English and grammar improving with each letter. It is also a valuable experience for my children to see that they are living in a world were so much is taken for granted. I would am so happy to be a part of someone else’s education. – Jennifer Yankowski

Glen and I have sponsored four students in Karogoto. Kelvin is in Form 3 and doing very well in his studies. Mercy is in class 6. I am amazed at the growth that we see in the letters that she sends. The first ones were barely legible and now they are so well written. I was thrilled to see her when I was in Karogoto and how God has blessed her with such beauty. She has a smile that lights your heart! The youngest, Esther, is in class 2 and just a joy to be around. She is playful and inquisitive and I love that we can be a small part in her life. The oldest, Jackson, graduated in 2012 and works in a business that he owns with his cousin. During my last visit, I was asked to give the message at church. It was definitely one of my life’s highlights to give that message to a full church with Jackson as my translator! That is something that you don’t get to do every day! I am currently planning my third trip to Kenya. The first time I went, God showed me how He is working in this part of the world and filled me with a crazy love for Him and His Kenyan people. On the second trip, He allowed me to share that love in the form of medical and spiritual help for the people of Karogoto and Ereri in the Segera region. I can’t wait to see what He has in store for me this time! – Mary Wood (Pictured from left: Kelvin, Esther, Mercy, Jackson and Mary)

What a privilege to pay it forward educationally for a student in Karagoto, Kenya. I may never know the full extent of the benefit of my sponsorship, but God knows my heart and the joy it brings me to give to my student each month. – Elaine Brown

Why did I decide to sponsor? It was a way to help a young lady with her education, and continue what our young people started with their 30-Hour Famine (yes, I’ve been sponsoring that long!). After my first sponsored student, Charity Murithi, graduated, I looked for another young lady to sponsor – Ann Njeri. She’s now in Form 4 (almost graduating!), so come December, I’ll start with another student. To someone considering sponsoring – Where else can you give a small monthly donation to guarantee a child/young adult has solid nutrition and a great education? – Sue Cagley

I have had the opportunity to meet my sponsored children on several occasions. Actually, I met them and interacted with them before we had the opportunity to sponsor students in Maliarette, Haiti through The 410 Bridge Child Sponsorship Program. One of my students is Jean Widlaince Onezime. I fell in love with him right away, the first time I met him was in August 2012. He was a little guy with a lot of energy and a killer smile. At the time he must have been 3 and I remember his excitement and his involvement as we came together that year to help build pit latrines in the community. It’s been fun to see him each year since and to watch him grow. Last year, I noticed he was in need of sponsorship and I was thrilled to be able to be his sponsor. I can’t wait to see him again this summer! I also have the opportunity to sponsor a little girl named Marie Ange. Ange in creole translates to angel and she truly is! She is a sweet little girl who loves to sing and play clapping games. She is really good at it! A few of my teammates and I had so much fun learning from her. For anyone considering become a child sponsor, I say – just do it! You are making an eternal difference in the lives of these children. These kids are so happy to have the opportunity to attend school and learn so they will have opportunities for a brighter future. And, what an opportunity for us to come alongside the church in Maliarette, Haiti to actually be able to spend time there and to see the progress that is being made, and to celebrate all that God is doing there! I am grateful to be a part of a church that encourages me to go where God is leading and see what God is doing! – Theresa Collins

I visited Maliarette, Haiti in August 2012 with the first Go Journey from Parker Hill to this village. After spending 5 days with the people of the community I was touched by their gentleness as well as by the power and depth of their faith. Since then, my wife, our son and I have each sponsored a child in the community and this has provided us with an enduring and personal link with the people of Maliarette. This summer our family is planning to return to Maliarette and we are looking forward to meeting our sponsored children in person and having them take us through their community, visiting their school and meeting their families. – Al Thomas