Earlier today we received a text from our Kenyan Country Director informing us that a second incident involving an explosive device detonated near a bus stop in the city of Nairobi.

Around 7pm local time an explosion near a crowd of people waiting for a Mutatu (a minibus) killed one person and injured seven or eight others. The explosion happened just out side of the central business district in Nairobi. Police have not yet confirmed the type of device that went off or who is responsible for the explosion.

It is important to note that no westerners were targeted in either of these attacks and that all 410 Bridge teams in Kenya are serving in rural communities far outside the city of Nairobi. In an abundance of caution we are making some minor adjustments to the itineraries of our service teams to keep them from having to travel within the city of Nairobi. These changes will not affect the ministry that teams are engaged in, nor will it have any bearing on travel dates or flight times.

We have checked in with all 410 Bridge teams in Kenya, they are doing well and God is doing incredible things in and through them. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide regular updates.