If you feel a nudging on your heart to serve in Kenya, here is your chance! The 410 Bridge is providing many opportunities throughout the 2010 year for individuals or small groups to serve in Kenya. We are now accepting applications for our July, August, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Open Trips.

Open trips are trips that are not connected to any particular church group or school group. If you are 18 years or older and would like to travel to Kenya but are unable to attend through your church or school, this will be a great way to get plugged in!

I am blessed to manage all of our Open Trips to Kenya and I absolutely love this part of my job! Our Open trips provide a unique opportunity for Americans wanting to serve in Kenya to connect with our Kenyan friends as well as making lasting friendships with other Americans from all over the United States. I have also gotten to observe the unique connection that the Lord makes with these individuals on our trips without the “comfort” of their church team.

The 410 Bridge provides at least 3 meetings for members of our Open teams to help prepare them. We typically host a couple of conference calls and one in house meeting here in Alpharetta. Our teams have the opportunity to share their stories with one another and coordinate activities on their Kenya Service Trips together. One of the most incredible parts to my job is to see the teams come together as they share their stories and get aquatinted. It is always amazing to see the unique ways God brings these teams together and the connections He has already planned for them!

I hope, if you are considering one of our Kenya trips, you will seriously consider applying to one of our Open Trips. If you prefer not to make the trip alone feel free to get your family, friends, and small group on board! Below are the links to apply. Please give me a call at the office if you have any questions or would like more information. I would love to hear from you!