Are you realizing you want to live for something bigger than yourself?
Are you wrestling with a holy discontent and know there has to be something more to this life, but don’t quite know how to tangibly live that out?
Are you a student who is about to enter college and is wondering if your faith will be able to survive?

JOURNEY…. is a summer internship experience.  Invest works in collaboration with The 410 Bridge, Camp Highland and other leaders who have a heart and passion to pour into the next generation to provide a holistically designed experience to help you discover your identity in Christ and renew your mind in truth as you begin to discover what it means to live for something bigger than yourself.  Offering your life as a living sacrifice cannot be isolated in events and focused solely in defining moments. It is our heart for you to understand the vastness of God and the joy and freedom that comes from surrendering it all and living it fully for His Glory.

The journey experience is structured in phases described below:

RENEWAL ~ An essential time of spiritual renewal and self-exploration focused on defining and developing your relationship with God through a discovery process of what you believe, why, and how it impacts your walk with Christ and the decisions you make.

UNIFICATION ~  A time of preparation for Kenya will begin with team building and unifying our gifts to serve and love others as one body in Christ.  Together, we will create and equip you to lead the experiential learning and discipleship experience to be provided in Kenya.

INSPIRED ~ A defining and life-altering experience as we spend time in 410 Bridge communities. Our time in and around Kenya will be relationally focused, and service oriented while helping The 410 Bridge further their mission of sustainable change through Kenyan leaders and preparing the next generations for their future role. This time will help influence and shape your worldview with an eternal perspective through experiencing the vastness of God and His purpose for us on this earth.

TRANSFORMED ~ Initial debrief and figuring out how to put it all together within the context of your local community can sometimes be the greatest challenge. Here you’ll spend time investing in the lives of people in a local context to help establish an eternity-focused lifestyle while being equipped with the tools to live a life that aligns with your passions and purpose.

EMPOWERED ~ Extensive debrief… As you journey home, our prayer is to keep you involved locally and globally in efforts impacting God’s Kingdom, connected with your local church and encouraged by the Invest community to foster accountability in the form of mentorship, prayer, encouragement, truth, and Godly relationships. Encouraging one another in love…

Dates for the entire experience are 5/22 – 7/31.

Click HERE for the 2011 application.