Goats for ‘Goto!

We’ve been partnering with 410 Bridge in Karogoto, Kenya since 2007. It’s been thrilling to come alongside the leaders in that community and help them move towards transformation. The latest project in that journey was a micro-farming initiative. The leaders in Karogoto have identified particularly vulnerable families within the community – single-parent families; families that have lost both parents and are relying on grandparents, aunts and uncles; families that have significant challenges. The leaders are convinced that a simple gift of livestock could make a world of difference. It’s true – a cow, a goat or even just a chicken can be a life-changing gift. (I saw this first-hand on my first trip to Kenya – January 2007. Someone gave a chicken in the collection at Antioch Baptist Church. The pastor then auctioned the chicken to the highest bidder. The money would go to the church; the winner would get the chicken. Well, as it turned out the winner didn’t need the chicken, so it was given to a man who did. I’ll never forget the sheer joy on his face when he received this egg-laying, life-saving gift!)
So, in December 2012 Parker Hill Community Church joined with 410 Bridge to raise funds for micro-farms in Kenya. Since we have a partnership in Karogoto it seemed natural that we would call the project “goats for goto!” The response was unbelievable. People have given nearly $6,000 to help our friends in Karogoto! $6,000! That’s probably enough to purchase 4 cows, 16 pigs, 16 goats, 16 sheep and 76 chickens! I can only imagine the joy this could bring.
Just as exciting as the results that we’ll see in Karogoto is the transformation that we’re seeing in the lives of our people. Here are some of the ways our people have rallied around this project.
·        One woman took the idea to her boss, who decided that “goats for goto” would replace the annual office grab-bag. Rather, than buying gifts for each other, they contributed enough to purchase a PIG!
·        One family decided to take a collection at their extended family Christmas party. By the end of the night, they’d collected enough to buy a barnful (2 pigs, 2 goats, 2 sheep and 2 chickens)!
·        The Elementary Kids (EpicKidz) at Parker Hill decided to collect “quarters for cattle” (their spin on “goats for goto”) and gathered 1,493 quarters — that’s enough for two GOATS, two SHEEP and nine CHICKENS!
Needless to say, “goats for goto!” is changing lives on both sides of the bridge . . . and that’s really good MOOS!
Click here to join us: www.razoo.com/story/goats-for-goto
Paul McGuiness – Parker Hill Community Church – Clarks Summit PA

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