Countdown to Christmas in Kenya!


The deadline for Christmas in Kenya is exactly 2 weeks away! If you haven’t heard about Christmas in Kenya before, it’s a program that provides a Christmas gift to the children and families of our 410 Bridge communities in Kenya. We don’t typically give out individual gifts in communities because our focus is on sustainable development within each community (see this post for more info on push vs. pull). But Christmas is a special time of year that warrants an exception to that rule. The great thing about this program is that not only do 410 Bridge community children and families receive a special gift at Christmas time, but these gifts are purchased locally so that we are still investing into Kenya. Just $15 a gift is all it takes to spread the joy of Christmas to those that would not normally receive a gift.

The picture above is our very own Shayla Davis along with a girl and her mother from one of our communities that received gifts through the 2008 Christmas in Kenya program. Shayla led the Christmas in Kenya Open Trip team last year and is doing the same again this year. Shayla says this about her experience: “I have truly seen what absolute faith looks like.  It’s a sight I pray I never forget; and I cannot wait to watch my team experience it in a few weeks.” For the teams that go on the Christmas in Kenya trips, they have an amazing opportunity to not only share a gift at Christmas but to also share the most important gift of all, the gift of Jesus Christ.

For more information on Christmas in Kenya or to donate, go here.

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