Heading into the summer and with many of you traveling to our 410 Bridge Communities in Kenya, we would love to share the most recent updates to the communities so that you are aware of what changes and growth has happened this year so far…

The following is information covered with our Kandaria Community church partners. We hope that all of you who have visited Kandaria will be encouraged at the growth and health in this community! (sorry there aren’t any pictures!)


  1. The medical clinic is nearing completion with only the staff house remaining to be completed.  The community along with a team fenced the entire clinic area and the community brought trees to plant in the clinic compound.   A clinic oversight board has been formed to establish a plan for the sustainability of the clinic.  A 40’ container shipped by Medshare arrived in Kandaria on New Years Eve, to the excitement of the community.  It was loaded with equipment and disposables for the clinic to begin work.  The community gathered in great numbers to unload the container and place the goods in storage in the clinic until opening.  The District Health Officer developed a list of drugs needed as the initial supply for the clinic to function and these will be delivered closer to opening day.  The community is working with the local health authorities to obtain a government-funded nurse for the clinic but the community will fund the nurse until the government steps in.  A big community comment at the unloading of the container was: “Why should we not pay for the small administrative costs if the Lord surely has done all this for us”.  What we love to hear.
  2. Bibles that were given to the community have had a huge impact on the community.  More people are attending churches and a men’s group has also started.  Teams have also shared Bible teachings with the community, which are loved by the people who listen.
  3. Education:  Akado Primary had the number 19 student among all 410 Bridge schools on the KCPE with a 344 score.  Students are slowly improving in their schooling at both Akado and Sigoti.  Student enrollment is rising due to the increased focus on the schools by parents and BrightPoint for Children.  Parents have been playing a much more active roll in the education process by starting a reward system for teachers whose classes show an improvement.  The parents reward the teachers with gifts and awards.  The parents have also been supplementing the feeding programs by contributing maize flour.  The big need for both primary schools is revision books for preparation for the KCPE tests.

At Kandaria Secondary School a jiko cooker was installed which has saved the school over 10% of there total budget.  This cooker works with very limited wood and cooks large quantities at the same time.  The school is now able to use the saved funds on other school needs.  The parents have raised funds for an additional block of rooms at the school.  Donation of microscopes and science equipment has helped the students.


  1. Community leadership
  2. Inconsistent water supply from pipe system
  3. Low school performance but improving
  4. Due to some bidding issues and difficulties among the LC the community was worried the clinic project might be delayed but are very happy things worked out well.



Future Projects:

  1. Class block additions to Sigoti and Akado
  2. DBSP
  3. Textbooks for the primary schools
  4. Pastor training
  5.  Rejoice virtues project

Key Developments:

  1. Delivery of medical container
  2. Opening of clinic