It is the rainy season in Haiti, which means there is an increased risk of community members contracting cholera from unclean water. Fortunately, there has been no case reported in Maliarette since May! The Leadership Council is staying vigilant during this rainy season to make sure their community members are staying healthy.

In the past few weeks, Water Mission International (WMI) visited the Maliarette community. The WMI representatives spoke to the community members about the new clean water system to be installed. In a 3-day training event, community members were taught how to use it properly, the importance of clean water, how to make the system sustainable, the importance of inviting people from surrounding areas to use the new system, and the importance of encouraging each other to drink water with no risk of contamination or disease. A new Executive Water Committee has been elected and the community is excited to work alongside WMI beginning next week!!

An Open Team visited Maliarette in late June. The team participated in a community training event focusing on the effects of youth delinquency. Several youth present told their testimonies and confessions, as did some of the team participants. The Leadership Council placed a great amount of emphasis on the this training because there has been trouble involving the community’s youth.