The first phase of the Kawira Water Project is complete! The community members are now able to pipe water to their farms and homesteads. The second phase is now under way. This phase is the construction of the water tank base and lying of more pipes throughout the community.

The 410 Bridge Community Coordinator, David Muchai, has purchased textbooks for distribution throughout the schools of Kawira. The distribution was halted due to the nationwide teachers’ strike, but should resume in the upcoming weeks.

A team from Christ Community Church visited Kawira in late June. The team worked side by side with the community trenching, laying down pipes, and  starting construction of the water tank base. The team was also blessed by the opportunity to meet the children who received Bibles from BigStuf 2012. A few team members had participated in the Bible purchase and distribution and were able to meet the children who had received the Bibles with their picture! The team members and children of Kawira were excited about the opportunity to meet and share the Word.

Thank you to all who have invested in and prayed for the community of Kawira!

A team member from Christ Community Church helps trench for the Kawira Water Project!