Child-to-Child, Community-to-Community

One of the things we love about what we do at 410 Bridge is the amazing connections that happen when a church community partners long-term with a rural community in Kenya or Haiti. Relationships obviously happen best face-to-face,through short term trips and long-term commitment. However, there are usually hundreds– if not thousands– of people at our partner churches who will never get a chance to travel to Kenya or Haiti… and who can still make a huge impact on the people there. When a partner church “gets” that and engages every level of their church in connection with their partner community, it is so encouraging and such a beautiful thing to watch unfold as it transforms lives on both sides of the bridge.

One great example of this is when the children’s ministry of Parker Hill Church wrote letters and drew pictures for the children in the community of Karagoto, Kenya where they have been partnered for years. These children have never met the children of Karagoto, and it may be a while before they are old enough to do so in person… but the impact of a global friendship, of encouragement that crosses an ocean.. cannot be measured.

We are so grateful for our church partners, like Parker Hill, who are engaging and leveraging their ENTIRE CHURCH COMMUNITY for the love of the people of Karagoto. We know that their generosity of spirit will be a blessing to their Kenyan friends as well as their own church members.

one of the pictures drawn by a child at ParkerHill Church to a child in Karagoto

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