Baby rescued from the latrine in Leveque…

It all started with a rather interesting message from our deaf pastor, Pastor William, in Leveque Haiti…

Hi all world,now I see the throw in leveque?toilet many people but I take baby son name saint-loi wilson.ok the saint say something baby support mike gerber,bottle,nipple,bib,baby bay,baby carrierbaby lotion,baby powder.ok they come to see from haiti.l day my God bless you plesase for baby. – William

Then another email from our community coordinator,  Mackenson…

We just let you to know. Yesterday about 12h pm what happen at leveque. So happen hearing people was throw a baby boy in toilet leveque. So many hearing not know how throw that baby in toilet. so I’m see it I call william and other hearing people them was break toilet for us can get that baby boy in toilet. Also people hearing get baby boy in toilet. Also william get it. Because someone throw it in toilet. 
Also baby safe

Finally, the Mission of Hope staff were able to fill us in on all the details of this sad, yet triumphantly ending story of rescue…

Today I witnessed a beautiful miracle. I saw God’s love poured out in a lovingly selfless act. Today I saw the hands and feet of Jesus at work.  Today in Leveque something amazing happened. It started with something terribly sad. A newborn baby was dropped into a latrine and left to die. Something I cannot fathom and which shatters my heart. I cannot even begin to understand what went through this mother’s mind as she let go of her baby and watched him fall into the dark pit. Thankfully God has a wonderful plan for this little life and his sweet cry was loud enough to be heard by a good samaritan passing by, who quickly called Pastor William, the deaf pastor from Leveque. A group of people worked together to smash the cement cover off the latrine carefully so the baby would not be injured. Then they somehow used some metal bars and a net or basket of some sort to lift the baby out of the pit. Miraculously he only had a few scraps on him. The community came together to care for this little miracle. They quickly cleaned him up, found him some clothes and brought him to the MOH clinic. 


Pastor William called Kenol, who in turn called me. I went to the guest house to look through donations just as a team was pulling in. They had some newborn boys clothes, formula and bottles in their bags, coincidence I think not! We stopped to grab a few other things in the orphanage and headed down to the church. I knew we wouldn’t be able to take the child immediately as we would have to get a letter from the judge in Cabaret and approval from our Executive Director before that would be possible. However, that all changed when we reached the church.

We got out of the car and saw a tiny baby boy wrapped up in a white towel. Through a sign language interpreter Pastor William shared the events of this afternoon. I asked where the baby would be staying that night and immediately smiles broke out on everyone’s face as they quickly shared that Pastor William and his wife were going to keep the baby. 

My heart instantly flooded with joy. This little boy is already deeply loved by so many people. I am so blessed to have been a witness to this beautiful miracle. Baby Wilson will be raised in a loving Christian home, and we will get to watch him grow from here. It’s a beautiful thing to see the church come together, love so freely and unite to take care of the orphans. I know that God was smiling as He watched this miracle come together and the family he stitched together come to be.

Please pray for baby Wilson and his new family as well as his birth mother as I can not even imagine what she is going through. 

Peace, love and blessings,



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