Each school break, thanks to our Leadership Sponsors and BrightPoint for Children, the Daraja Alumni gather to learn more about leadership and to be discipled and encouraged. We had so much fun this year! The 2007-2009 groups met in Nairobi while we traveled to Kinangop to meet up with the 2010 Daraja children. Our kids are growing so much! Not only are they SO much taller! but they are becoming the leaders that we know they are! David 2010 is now a class prefect, Beth 2010 was the #1 student in her class, Emmah 2010 is a class monitor!  Josephine 2008 is a prefect, Gladys Wanaguru 2008 is head girl at her school and Nelson 2009-2010 is head boy at his!

Violet 2010 with Fidelis 2007 (Fidelis is now a freshman!)


Betty and Vivian (2009 & 2010). Betty is also a freshman now.


Denzel 2008 and Gordon 2007, now high school graduates!!!


Gloria 2009-10, Grace Nyawira, and Keren 2009


Growing boys: Nelson 2009-10, Spencer 2008, Eddy 2009, Moses 2009-10, Dennis 2009, and Kevin 2007.


Beautiful ladies: Gladys 2007-8, Hannah 2007, Monica N 2009, and Rahab 2008.