The 410 Bridge is a Christ-centered, non-profit organization committed to relentlessly pursuing healthy community development in nations confined by poverty. We see the poor as the solution to poverty and not the problem to be solved. We engage communities to participate in their own development, restoring their sense of dignity, purpose, and freedom. The 410 Bridge works alongside local churches and leadership to assess and leverage their community’s gifts and strengths, not just their needs. Working in conjunction with our partners, we activate a unique, holistic approach that combines Christian discipleship, economic development, quality education, clean water, as well as health and wellness to create lasting freedom from poverty.


We engage followers of Christ to help people in developing nations lift themselves from poverty, restoring dignity, purpose and freedom.

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others”

-1st Peter 4:10a

Statement Of Faith

We accept and hold strongly to the truth that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that in Him, and Him alone, eternal salvation can be found.

Because of the nature of our organization and Godʼs calling on us to serve His people, we allow for freedom of conviction on other doctrinal matters, provided that any interpretation is based upon the Bible. No such differing interpretations or denominational differences should become an issue that hinders the ministry to which God has called us.

We are committed to a calling that surpasses denominational lines and unifies the body of Christ in such a way that God would be glorified and people would experience His grace and love.


We are able to execute our vision by bridging our communities and partners together, to activate a unique and holistic approach. It combines, Christian discipleship, economic development, quality education, clean water, as well as health and wellness to create lasting freedom from poverty.

How we measure our


Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job…

We measure our success not by what we do, but by what the community does on its own without help from outsiders.  Success is graduation from the 410 bridge program. Recognizing God has gifted and equipped them to fulfill a purpose, communities become empowered to continue the development effort on their own.

Meet The Team!


Jacob Njagi
Senior Director
Dr. Claire Nyambati
Program Director

Joy Njuguna
Peter Njogu
Patrick Odino
Accounting Manager
Leonard Bwire
Barbra Kauchu
Accounting Assistant
Fred Mwashimba
Trips/Logistics Manager
Grace Kariuki
Trips/Logistics Assistant

Irene Kamuthu
Community Coordinator - Irigithathi
Ann Wangui
Community Coordinator - Tumutumu
James Gitau
Community Coordinator - Ndibai
Alex Kimutai
Community Coordinator - Chembulet
Dorcas Mbaria
Community Coordinator - Kahuria
Crispoh Molel
Community Coordinator - Endana, Ereri & Mutirithia (Segera)
Mercy Wambui
Community Coordinator - Kiria
Clementine Ndanu
Community Coordinator - Kiu & Ngaambas
Jack Silange
Community Coordinator - Endana, Ereri, & Mutirithia (Segera)

Benjamin Mambo
Education Program Coordinator
Margaret Wamithi
Education Program Assistant
Shadrack Musili
Community Development Coordinator
Lucy Andrew
Child Sponsorship Coordinator
Patrick Mwai
Entrepreneurship Officer
Peter Mwesigwa
Child Sponsorship Coordinator - Kaihura, Uganda
Edwin Indeche
Margaret Njue
Health & Wellness Program Coordinator
Micah Mwati
Economic Development Program Coordinator
Samson Muema
Discipleship Program Coordinator
Yvonne Busolo
Communications Officer
Joyce Rutto
Entrepreneurship Officer


Crizauld Francois
Country Director
Bruty Theodore
Programs Director

Stania Joujoute
Executive Assistant/ Hospitality Manager
Fedya Thiersaint
Jasmin Enaime (Tompy)
General Logistics Manager
Evelyne M Elancier
Assistant Hospitality Manager
Celaine Desabbe
410 Guesthouse Manager
Pierre Richard
Office Security, Building Super
Renise Pierre
Tabarre Guesthouse Housekeper/Cook
Fenold Appolon
Bookkeeping & Human Resources

Kenson Pierre
Camp Mary, Jeanton, Dejans, Piatre
Leon-Enos Jean
La Croix, Maniche, Morency, Debouchette
Rosemay Abraham
Community Coordinator
Jean Samuel Alteus
La Croix, Maniche & Morency
Djemy Berson
Bohoc, Cercady & Maliarette
Schiller Charles

Jean Rameau Jeune
Education Manager
Lisa Anne-Christelle Labbe
Assistant Sponsorship Program Coordinator
Guerda Meridor
Morency, La Croix & Maniche
Myriam Jn-Pierre
Program Assistant
Dulice Nelson
Regional Program Managers
Woodky Cadet
Regional Program Manager
Ishtar Pady
Sponsorship Manager
Gerfase-Line Jean
Bohoc, Cercady & Monarch


Felix Camposeco
Program Coordinator
Liliana Escobar
Trip Coordinator
Carlos Soto
Community Coordinator


Kurt Kandler
Executive Director
Steve Smith
Chief Operating Officer

Hope Jimenez
Executive Assistant
Tisha Dease

Amy Todd
Program Manager - Haiti & Guatemala
Tommy Campbell
Program Manager - Kenya & Uganda
David Sanders
Program Strategy Director
Tori Lawton
Community Development Trip Coordinator
Melissa Fischer
Community Development Trip Coordinator
Bri Guzewicz
Community Development Trip Manager
Allyson Foster
Community Development Trip Coordinator
Jasmine Gilcrease
Child Sponsorship Coordinator

Anna Dower
Marketing & Communications Manager
Chelsey Dugger
Project Manager
Fiona Hughes
Creative Design

Jon Cox
Donor Engagement
Erin Hentschel
Partner Engagement
Taylor Bugh
Partner Engagement
Matt Setliffe
Partner Engagement

USA Board Of Directors

Ben Ackerman
Eric Helman
Ryan Wendell
Kelly H. Buday
Chris Amato
Catherine Jefferson
Greg Siefert
Stacy Falls


How your funds are being used

History of Audits