Thanks to Dave, from NorthPoint church who shares his story with us today…
About this time last year, I was attending church alone as usual. When I got there, the church was promoting GlobalX a mission trip orginization. There were signs throughout the church. I paid them no mind for it was not on my plate with all the things going on in my life nor could I ever concieve of travelling anywhere.

During the first songs sang, Our worship team sang “Where the streets have no name” By U2. There were pictures of former missions up on the screens and soon I found myself crying, watching the pictures of these people. Not so much the needy, but the ones that were the answered prayers of the needy. The actual participants. My heart said ” Dave, you need to go.” At this point in my life I had yet to learn to “hear” God. So, I stuffed back the tears and my normal day began.

The next week, it was life as usual and I went in the church once again. Signs everywhere and this time…. it felt like the signs were placed there for only me. It was weird. It was sort of like someone tapping you on the shoulder or calling your name from in a crowd and you could faintly hear it.

I was very very early and there was not a soul in the place. If anyone has been in our church, it is quite large. So here I sit thinking of all that is going on in my life and in a few minutes a lady came in and in all of the places to sit in this HUGE place, she walked up and sat right behind me. I thought wow. Really? It was almost uncomfortable to be honest. Soon , I couldnt stand it so I turned around and made an introduction and we began chatting. Not long after, low and behold the GlobalX trips began flashing on the screen and during our conversation she noticed them too. She asked me “Have you ever gone on a mission trip?” “No” I replied. She said “Well you should go”

SERIOUSLY? Did this just happen??? I came up with every excuse not to and then the service began. I kept thinking about it, and it was almost like a nagging in my heart. Every reason I had not to go, all of a sudden I could think of reasons or ways TO go. I said to myself, I guess this is it God. This is you telling me to go. I have seen enough, you got me!

This could get quite long telling this so I will spare the details however I signed up and shortly I was approved. (of course) The trip cost was $3500.00. I thought man oh man, how am I going to come up with that? We were given a way to set up a donation page to raise funds that we created. It was in place and I was excited! I was going to AFRICA! To be honest, it was on my bucket list anyway. ( Ha Ha! )

Halfway through, I had raised 1550.00.   I needed 1750.00 by the next day and I was thinking that I would have to self fund the 200.00 but herein lies a different problem. I had 2 weeks to come up with the other 1750.00

That morning, I sent out one last mass email to people asking again for donations. This was one of many mass emails. I went to our confrence room at work and told my friend Tom,”Buddy… I know God told me to go and He will provide but its the human part of me that gets these little sweat beads at times like these” “It will be fine” He replied. I went to lunch that day and upon walking in the door, something told me to go check my donation page. While I was at lunch, I recieved a 1000.00 anonymous donation. (no it was not Tom) I thought seriously? This is unbeliveable! 3 days later I was fully funded for the entire trip!  My friends, if it is God’s WILL then its God’s BILL!
God wanted me there. He wanted to change my life. He wanted me to experience Him with no filters of our stuff and my life back at home. I recieved my calling there. I was given the name Muriithi which in Swahilli means Shephard. This was after my first sermon I preached while there. The pastor told me over the next few days that God has told him that He has called me to be His Shephard.I somehow knew in my heart looking back that the passion was there. Like a seed in the ground and all it needed was the waters from God to fertilize it.

There are many things I could write about this trip but this is getting long already so lets get on with living and getting in His will. Romans 12:2 tells us, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—His good, pleasing and perfect will.”

God does not want us all to go serve in the church. He wants workplace believers. His ministry is there too! He really only wants us to resist sin, and not to resist His will. Now you ask, what does that look like for me. (I too struggled with this.) It looks like this:
Walk very close to Him. As we love our spouses , friends etc. we want to spend time with them. Do we spend time in prayer and communion with God? As we begin to do this on a regular basis… in His Word, prayer fellowship with other people, God will begin to change your heart. His desires will become your desires. “Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4). Most read this scripture and think, If I go to chruch every Sunday and sing with my hands in the air, I will get that new job, car, boat or whatever it is we want. He also said, 1 John 2:15 Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

This does not mean you can’t like homes, cars, etc. The point here is it cannot be your idol. It cannot be the main reason we do everything we do. Do we have to work really really hard just to pay for stuff. If that is the case, then we bought something we simply cannot afford because of our desires. Our sole focus should be on Him. When we walk in fellowship and believe me… He wants a very very personal relationship with you, He will begin to change your heart to align with His will and you will find yourself doing His will. He will use people. You will begin to hear soft whispers in your heart (like what I did with this trip) and will soon find yourself smack dab in the middle of His will.

In the beginning it might be painful or down right uncomfortable because we can only see the scope of our own little world. God only does things perfect, and living in His perfect will is the most peaceful way to live. I have had people say to me, “Dave… How can I have peace with all this crap in my life, my bills, my job etc. Yeah, I have the peace knowing I am saved but all this stuff around me makes it hard!” Well the answer is simple. Lay it all down to Him. Tell Him. Trust Him. Say, God, Daddy, Abba, Heavenly Father , or whatever you affectionally use… I need your help. I am tired of struggling. I am lost in this huge world and it is nasty. I want your peace in my life. I want to live in Your will for my life. Please show me what that looks like. My friends…. the next step after that is all on you. Either you want it or you dont. Dive in to His Word. Pray all the time. If you need help learning to study the Bible, I will help you. Surround yourself with Godly people and get as close as you possibly can. Before you know it, everything will start lining up and you will exp[ericence something you never thought possible. You will be waking up excited to start your day, wondering what lies ahead and what your Heavenly Father has in store ! If you truly seek God’s will with a humble spirit and an open mind, He will reveal His will to you. Not all at once, but you will know it in your heart.

In His Love